Wish I could go back in time to the From Under the Cork Tree days to see them live :((((


have you ever just cried because you’re you

I just have this constant numb feeling and I feel like I’m being weighed down

I uninstalled Twitter and I feel like I just removed a weight from my shoulders

California school, 1960s © Inglewood Public Library

California school, 1960s © Inglewood Public Library

it’s fun to be in relationship when you’re young but be careful not to let yourself get hurt.

everything can be amazing and you can be totally in love.

but one minute you could be their world, then the next minute they could change their mind.

but that doesn’t say anything about you and your worth. it’s all them.

just remember one day that someone is going to love you enough to not change their mind. and they’ll want to keep you around for the rest of their life.

you are amazing and you matter and don’t let heartbreak ruin you.


yasss finally ordered the alternative press magazines for 21p :)))